Use specifications

Temperature of the hot water:
Maximum: 85°C
Minimum: 5°C higher than the maximum temperature requested when mixed
Suggested: 65°C
Minimum difference between cold and mixed water 10°C

Pressure of working

Suggested optimal pressure: 3-5 bar
Maximum pressure of working: 5 bar
Minimum pressure of working: 0.1 bar
The working pressures should be kept as balanced as possible, in order to obtain the maximum efficiency.
When the pressure is above 5 bar, pressure reducers must be installed.

Technical data

All mixers come with an aesthetic plate to install it at a depth between 75 and 95 mm.
The thermostatic lever is preset at 38°C with auto-stop at 52° to avoid scalding.
The inlets have a G ¾” thread.

Recommendations for the installers

Two independent inlets, one for hot and one for cold water, must be used.
The suggested diameters of the tubes for low pressure plants is 22mm.
If more than one mixer is installed, the minimum diameter must be 28mm.
Make sure that you have an adequate flow rate for both outlets.
Floor outlet with ≥ 60 l/min minimum capacity required.