Our company processes are certified by ISO 9001 quality system and by the environmental system certification ISO 14001, both certified by DNV GL. The culture of respect for the environment is a fundamental principle of our production philosophy, from which we created the ECO ENERGY SYSTEM internal certification system, which guarantees a 100% eco-friendly production, a green-oriented development of projects and the use of environmentally sustainable materials and processes.

Certifications and warranty

All GEDA products are guaranteed for five years for their mechanical parts; extended ten-year warranty for products certified by the ECO ENERGY SYSTEM brand.For further information we kindly invite you to download our Warranty Leaflet, available for download on each product page. 


Geda aims to meet the needs of the market through competitive products and services, both from the point of view of quality and price, adding to this value also the safety and health of its workers and safeguarding the environment, in compliance with the relevant legislation and regulations.
For this purpose, the Management considers as a basis for pursuing its policy both from a qualitative and an environmental point of view the fact that all personnel are adequately trained so that they can collaborate in the achievement of goals and objectives.

The following values and principles are endorsed at all levels:

  • To create a product qualitatively and aesthetically in compliance with the tastes and trends of the markets.
  • To create models that seek, in addition to the aesthetic qualities, the best functionality, as we are convinced that the quality of the product is - first of all – a product that is easy and comfortable to use.
  • To seek continuous improvement of environmental performance mainly for the prevention of pollution, believing that greater environmental efficiency is reflected in greater economic efficiency.
  • Minimize waste by seeking to save energy and resources in every field and every aspect of our life. 
  • Focus on flexibility and customer service, both in terms of delivery and product.
  • Consolidate the level of quality and service achieved as primary factors for obtaining customer satisfaction and trust, essential strategic elements to support one's efficiency and presence on the market.
  • Eliminate working conditions or processes that can cause harm to people or the environment.
  • Use recyclable products and packaging that do not have negative environmental impacts and make sure to substantially reduce the production of waste, as not only our work, but above all our life, is linked to the conditions of the surrounding environment.
  • Involve suppliers as much as possible, so that they can acknowledge the overexposed values and thus create collaborative relationships that are reflected in improvement activities of common interest.

The constant implementation of these values at all levels of the organization translates into the creation and implementation of a Management System which is Integrated with the current company activities and aimed at achieving continuous improvement of the company performance, and the development of new markets (both in our Italian Market and abroad) through full customer satisfaction.

The General Management.