Our company processes are certified by ISO 9001 quality system and by the environmental system certification ISO 14001, both certified by DNV GL. The culture of respect for the environment is a fundamental principle of our production philosophy, from which we created the ECO ENERGY SYSTEM internal certification system, which guarantees a 100% eco-friendly production, a green-oriented development of projects and the use of environmentally sustainable materials and processes.

Certifications and warranty

All GEDA products are guaranteed for five years for their mechanical parts; extended ten-year warranty for products certified by the ECO ENERGY SYSTEM brand.For further information we kindly invite you to download our Warranty Leaflet, available for download on each product page. 


Geda Nextage has been producing and designing bathroom and kitchen faucets, wellness products and accessories for over 20 years. Unprecedented and modern design, Made in Italy workmanship and a constant search for technical innovation, with a focus on energy saving and ethical responsibility towards workers are the guiding elements of our corporate culture and relations with stakeholders. In making this promise concrete, Geda is committed to operating in compliance with quality, environment, health and safety requirements in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and MOG 231.

Geda, within the framework of this Integrated Policy and in its commitment to its formal pursuit, declares to:

  • Propose products qualitatively and aesthetically adapted to the trends of the markets served;
  • Obtain the maximum satisfaction of its customers also through the provision of dedicated products/services;
  • Carefully assess the risks and opportunities of its processes by monitoring the internal and external context in which it operates;
  • Commit to constant updating and compliance with current legislation and all other requirements to which the organization subscribes;
  • Ensure the security of information in relation to customers and third parties, physical, logical and organisational tools for processing information in all activities;
  • Limiting negative environmental impacts: by educating personnel in the responsible consumption of energy resources and raw materials, using electricity from renewable resources;
  • by promoting environmental improvement objective with a view to sustainable development;
  • Sensitise the suppliers and contractors to environmental, health and safety issues and require them to comply with the policies adopted by the Company;
  • Developing and implementing training and awareness programmes for its personnel on the Integrated Management System, making them aware of their obligations, responsibilities and the importance of each of their actions in order to create a “culture of quality, health and safety” and a sense of “ethical responsibility towards the environment” in the company;
  • Identifying the dangers of activities and assessing in advance the risks to personnel for what is already in place and for each new activity and/or process, to enable the adoption of solutions capable of preventing accidents, injuries and occupational diseases;
  • Implement targeted training courses to maintain and improve the skills of employees;
  • Create a work environment that enables employees to contribute with satisfaction to the achievement of company objectives and to recognise and profitably develop their professional skills;
  • Define objectives and indicators, considering all relevant quality, environmental and occupational health and safety aspects in every action/decision taken, and monitor them through constant review; evaluate customers’ needs in order to meet their requirements in the best way, so as to favour overall company competitiveness;

This "INTEGRATED POLICY" provides the framework for establishing and reviewing the company's objectives and targets, is distributed to all employees and is available to all interested parties via the company website. This policy will be checked and updated periodically during the management review in accordance with the evolution of the company and applicable mandatory regulations.