Discover Akè with Touchless system

Discover Akè with Touchless system

The PROJECT by GEDA brand was created in order to offer design choices even in contract projects or when large quantities are required. The PROJECT collection of faucets is therefore the ideal solution for venues, restaurants or environments that generally have a large number of visitors but do not want to sacrifice beauty and functionality.

It is with this target group in mind that we have created the Akè series with Touchless technology. Akè is a washbasin system available with different heights of spout or in a wall-mounted version that, thanks to the presence of a sensor on the aerator, allows the water to flow without direct contact with the tap, simply by passing the hand under the spout.

The essential and elegant style of Akè makes it easy to combine with different styles and environments that have design as a common denominator. In addition, the wide range of finishes available in the GEDA catalogue ensures maximum personalisation.

4 reasons for choosing Touchless technology


1. Better hygiene!

Touchless technology avoids direct hand contact with the faucet, reducing the possibility of viruses and bacteria settling on its surface. The sleek lines and small size of Akè with Touchless system also make it easier to clean and maintain.

2. More savings!

This is a very important point, which stems from our company's constant commitment to raising awareness on the need to preserve natural resources, especially water. In fact, with Touchless technology, the flow is regulated by a timed sensor that ensures that the tap is used only as long as necessary, without wasting water.


3. More resistance!

The use of the tap without direct contact makes it less susceptible to accidental damage such as scratches and abrasions, thus prolonging its life. An advantage also made possible by the small size of the Akè spout, which is characterised by a minimalist and refined style.


4. More style!

Akè, together with all the other products in the PROJECT line, is the ideal choice for public spaces that are the result of an elegant and sophisticated interior design project. With the PROJECT brand, we wanted to ensure that you could choose a product - bathroom and kitchen taps, wellness and accessories - with high performance and refined design, even for larger projects, such as those in the contract world, or for commercial environments and, why not, even for your home.

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